Circular Economy

Circular Economy is today at the top of political agendas: and this is for decades to come. The so-called ‘paradigm change’ is no longer only at research or analysis stage, but this is being implemented worldwide. The concept of Circular Economy will generate growth from resource constraints, engaging in sustainable restorative living for humans, in a non toxic environments with creation of positive impacts according to Cradle to Cradle® principles.

Circular Economy needs to be implemented within industries and projects through the following components: eco-conception, up-cycling, reuse, repairing, re-employ, economy of functionality, economy of scale, industrial and territorial ecology as well as  participation, networks, diversity, non toxicity.

ICCE (IMPLEMENTATION CENTER FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY) is a non for profit association based in Brussels (created in July 2014) witch mission is to: Gather, Create and Share Circular Economy with positive impact implementation tools in a referential physical center.The steering committee is led by Lateral Thinking Factory Consulting, BECI and SECO.

GATHER the key Circular Economy with positive impact/Cradle-to-Cradle stakeholders, best practices and existing tools to state a common vision on referential for Circular Economy Implementation in the European Union. CREATE Circular Economy’s operational tools, methods, and referential based on best practices and pilot projects evaluation. SHARE vision, ambitions and objectives through public events, publications and exhibitions supported by best practices from all around the world.

ICCE is defining the circularity indicators with the support of the Brussels Region, focusing on sustainable construction and SMEs.

What is Circular Economy?