Lateral Thinking Factory

bureau of studies and programming, developing and implementing strategies dedicated to sustainable architecture and urban projects

Innovative Services

structured process, nurtured with innovative methods, generating holistic vision and lateral paths for idea generation

Network of Experts

open network of worldwide highly ranked experts, validating objectives to deliver great collaborative projects

Cradle to Cradle®

the official Cradle to Cradle® partner for construction, architecture and urban projects

Experts Portfolio Preview

Steven Beckers

Cradle to Cradle® accredited architect. Lecturer at BRUFACE. Co-founder at Lateral Thinking Factory and Local Solutions NGO. VP at SECO.

Michael Moradiellos

Lean city expert, architect. Co-founder at Lateral Thinking Factory.

Domenico Di Siena

Network Thinking Design expert, architect. Founder at Thinkcommons.

Peter Luscuere

Cradle to Cradle® expert, Mechanical Engineering. Professor at TUDelft.

Douglas Mulhall

Cradle to Cradle® expert. Systems planning & materials banking.

Katja Hansen

Cradle to Cradle® trainer, materials passports and biosystems.

Christine Guinebretière

Cradle to Cradle® expert. Director of EPEA PARIS.

LYN Consulting

Consultancy dedicated to increase business performances

Juan Freire

Biologist, university professor and enterpreneur.

Fran Castillo

Interaction Designer, research director at Responsive Environments.

Adolfo Chauton

Urban geograph, expert in participative process and urban strategist.

Luc Vandeputte

Expert in sport and active leisure. Managing Director at Sport Interface

Noa Peer

Expert in participative process, architect. Office for Urban Innovation.

Jean-François Daures

Expert in green construction. Writer. Urban planner and architect.

Jakob Agersnap

UN & EU global disaster response member.

Pablo Vaggione

Urban planner, spatial plans for sustainable urban development.

Pedro Ortiz

Senior Urban Planner at the World Bank, Washington DC.

John Horsted

Expert in Hotel real estate. International Finance. EU Deputy.

Stephane Pichon

Expert in Healthcare real estate. Healthcare Finance. MBA.