Toolbox for Indoor Farming in Brussels

Toolbox for Indoor Farming in Brussels

Lateral Thinking Factory has been commissioned to assist IBGE (Environment Ministry of Brussels-Capital Region) in a Building Integrated Greenhouse study and assesment, in partnership with Douglas Mulhall and Peter Lescuere.

ResilieNtWEB is an EU Interreg IVB North West Europe project aiming to support SME across North-western Europe to improve their sustainability and adaptability to sudden changes, be they economic, environmental or social. Eco-innovation is at the heart of this project and of the work we do with the companies. Creative thinking and innovation are key to build a strong, resilient business strategy and represent a sustainable competitive advantage.

Lateral Thinking Factory Milestones are:

Produce a feasibility study to validate Indoor Farming as a business option to be promoted by IBGE in RBC; including documents/tools that will help IBGE to assist promoters interested in Indoor Farming.

Assist three “business cases” identified by the IBGE and organize lateralstorming session with external experts, greenhouse investors and local companies participating at the RESILIENTWEB program.

Select local companies willing to participate to the RESILIENTWEB program and coach them to develop innovative products or services in the greenhouse business.

Added Values: based on real projects developped by LTF in Brussels, Liège, Resita and Foscani, a complete overview of rooftop greenhouse potential for the Region of Brussels Capital.

On June 6th we have launched the RESILIENTWEB project, hereby a nice picture of Steven’s intervention with drawings of the workshops sessions (including Michael Moradiellos and Coert Zacharriasse).

Belgium, Brussels, June 06, 2013 - IBGE RESILIENTWEB © Danny Gys / Reporters


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