Hanwang Forum 2012/-

Hanwang Forum 2012/-

Steven Beckers, Lateral Thinking Factory CEO, has been invited to be the chairman “communities” group at the Hanwang Forum.

“Established in China, the Hanwang Forum is a new international platform designed to enable Chinese and international stakeholders to advance the development of a sustainable, ethical and resilient global society at scale and with urgency.

More than a yearly conference, the Hanwang Forum has been established as a permanent platform where international and Chinese leaders can meet, dialogue, and work together to design and deliver concrete initiatives and projects that advance sustainable development and thus serve to create a world worth living for all.

The Inaugural Hanwang Forum takes place this May and is a two-parts event. It starts as a private, invitation-only gathering at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing (8-10 May) and continues as a public event in Deyang, Sichuan (11-13 May).”


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