Expo Liège 2017 2012

Expo Liège 2017 2012

Strategy consultancy for aCMG (Project Manager for Expo Liège 2017) to address feasibility in the current Master Plan (designed by Venhoeven Architects) and develop criteria and achievements roadmap to open the tender for private real estate partners.

More on the future Expo here.

“On the basis of these different elements, the choice of theme was narrowed down to connectivity, defined as the technological phenomenon that is making it increasingly easy and fast to create links between an astounding number of women and men world-wide”.

The revolution in methods of communication, i.e. their intensification and dematerialisation thanks to networks such as the Internet or mobile phones, is very recent in the scheme of human history. This development is having an impact on the everyday life of each and every one of us. It encourages more frequent exchanges, it is triggering new forms of relationships, it is opening up new horizons and changing out attitudes to space and time, it is prompting a shift in our relations with information, culture and the memory of our societies.

This new reality means that it is necessary to reconsider the link between mankind and its environment (family, professional, cultural, etc.) at individual and community level, both locally and internationally.

But these communication technologies and the boom in digital instruments are only as valuable as their contribution to the personal development of individuals and to the solidarity between them.”


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