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BIGH (Building Integrated GreenHouses) is investor, developer and operator of aquaponics urban farms that are building-integrated, according to the principles of circular economy. Beyond food production, urban agriculture integrated to urban development is the most impactful illustration of circular economy in our cities, while allowing to increase the property value.

BIGH’s aquaponics system defines as much the transparent, healthy and unique production as the commercial intensive sustainable ambition as producer. BIGH grow high quality vegetables, fruits AND fish! BIGH implements an extra-local distribution channels along with clients with a vision to distribute the produces all year-round.

The urban farm located on the roof of the Foodmet (Abattoirs’ site in Anderlecht, Brussels), a 4,000 m² (2,000 m² of greenhouses and 2,000 m² of productive vegetable gardens) is going to be launched in 2017. As first farm, it aims to promote the complementarity of the various techniques of urban agriculture (aquaponics, permaculture, micro-intensive agriculture, etc.).


The project fits within the societal project of Abattoir, a food factory that aims to maintain the “Brussels belly” and its urban food ecosystem in this primary area of the Brussels Capital Region. The goal is to make of the Foodmet the food-destination of the capital, advocating social diversity and sharing.

BIGH aims to create a network of farms in the heart of the main European capitals. After BIGH Anderlecht, the concept will be exported to other Brussels communes, other cities of Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary.

Contact: Noémie Benoît (contact @ bigh.tech)