Greenhouses (B.I.G) / Services

B.I.G for Bulding Integrated Greenhouses

B.I.G for Building Integrated Greenhouses: urban resilience regarding fresh food supply is a key challenge for cities; and seeking quality products is an increasing consumers demand. Greenhouses farms integration to urban buildings is an opportunity for addressing those needs by allowing transforming buildings producing waste (CO2, grey waters, residual heating, organic waste, etc.) towards building consuming waste (considered as nutriments) to eventually producing fresh products. LTF supports stakeholders willing to move towards this direction.

Technical studies

LTF acts as skills and resources integrator requested for setting building rooftop greenhouses farms, allowing enhancing technical and environmental performances; therefore enriching the program with a new profitable economical function.

Studies of definition

LTF mobilizes its experts to address public and private institutions requirements, willing to understand urban farming challenges for elaborating long-term development vision.