Cradle-to-Cradle Human Habitat / Services

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a revolutionary paradigm as defined by the American architect William McDonough and the German chemist Michael Braungart, which goes beyond conventional sustainable development (“do less bad”), by being a practical tool for circular economy with positive impact (“do good”). LTF – official representative for the C2C applied to human habitat (architecture, urban design, construction material) – offers consultancy services for decision makers willing to apply the paradigm. In partnerships with EPEA International, EPEA France and EPEA Belgium.

C2C Studies of definition

The objective is to identify various projects opportunities through technical, legal and financial studies realization. C2C studies are a preparatory and exploratory tool, which allows public or private decision makers, convinced by the exemplary approach carried by C2C, to analyze various possibilities and pros and cons related to project implementation. C2C Studies of definition allow making choices and defining technical alternatives, to prepare project strategic specifications document, which will allow to safely – at both financial and technical levels – launching secondary markets.

C2C Studies of programming

The objective is to define an exhaustive program according to the C2C approach, and to formalize specifications document, which will be presented to various stakeholders (architects, programmers, landscape architects, etc.). Studies of programing aim at defining concrete and innovating C2C program opportunities taking into account projects social, economic and environmental dimensions. Those studies address scales from various nature: from the architecture project to urban programming.

C2C Technical studies

The objective is to go beyond some technical topics foreseen in the C2C pre-establish program. LTF provides technical assistance along the conception phase, which will act as support for missions conducted by architects, engineers and other experts.

C2C Technical assistance along the realization phase

LTF provides its C2C expertise and network linked to local EPEA structures to decision makers, in order to embed innovative and constructive solutions according to decision makers requirements.

C2C seminars and training

In order to spread C2C applied to human habitat concepts, LTF offers innovative and pragmatic C2C seminars and training. LTF structures its interventions to make it easy for clients to understand C2C fundamental principals and numerous applications.

Industrial research and technological surveillance

LTF participates in tools creation for implementing C2C concepts, through collaboration with major players belonging to the building industry. LTF monitors technological surveillance that is shared among projects, seminars, online platforms, etc.