Lateral Thinking Factory Consulting (LTF Consulting) – Consultants office for urban studies and strategies – delivers better human habitat through circular economy implementation.

Through innovative solutions – combining technology, materials, proven building systems and construction processes – LTF Consulting helps private and public actors in the transition towards  a paradigm shift reprensented by Circular Economy in our cities and our territories through new models and tools: Cradle to Cradle, Third Industrial Revolution, Economy of  Functionality, Urban Agriculture etc.

LTF Consulting offers: Analysis of circularity of projects according to the objectives and the resources allocated to them; Urban planning; Project Management Assistance; Strategic innovation support (regional policies, research and development, European projects, etc.)

Michael Braungart’s (co-author of Cradle to Cradle and CEO EPEA) privileged interlocutor in the field of urban development;

LTF Consulting is an associate partner of the French design office Projex/Diagobat (130 employees).

LTF Consulting is also the founder of the ICCE (Implementation Center for Circular Economy) alongside with SECO (Building Control Office) and the BECI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brussels).

The ICCE main objective is to participate in the creation of new project’s certification based on indicators of circularity.

This unique position allows LTF Consulting to engage with a broad network of international experts, companies and engineers and to validate theoretical assumptions and technical solutions for each project generating measurable added value and to quantify it in time, assuring to the contractors a solid return on the initial investment.

LTF Consulting participated in numerous training courses and conferences in collaboration with universities, public institutions and private actors. LTF Consulting is equally a partner of the NGO Local Solutions Development Group, which main objective is to support Circular Economy / Cradle to Cradle projects in Africa.