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Steven Beckers graduated from Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc (1984), developed a global approach on sustainable urban planning and architecture. Steven was awarded from the Aga Khan prize for the Oued Bofekran (Meknes, Morocco) master plan, from the African Technical Association prize and from the prize jury for the Wilson Palace District (Geneva) environmental urban planning.

After two years in Switzerland at Gaillard Architects & associates, Steven spent ten years in London as European director at EPR Architects.

Partner with Art&Build Architects from 2000 to 2010, Steven has been awarded for many projects especially when he was head architect for the 230.000m2 (and €250 millions budget) Berlaymont 2000 (European Commission HQ, Brussels) ; winning the Passive and Low Energy Architecture award (Cambridge 2000). Steven had also been awarded for the Agora Building (European Council) and for the COE Pharmacopoeia (Strasbourg) projects.

Selected by Greenpeace for their HQ in Brussels, by the Council of Europe for Agora, Pharmacopoeia and nursery buildings in Strasbourg. Received BEX, MIPIM, LEAF and RICS awards for sustainability. Major urban designs include the Pierre-Vives eco-district with 1000 dwellings (Montpellier) ; the Water Walk Mixed development master plan with retail center, amenities, offices, parks, offices (Brussels) ; the 3000 ha master plan for Gran Scala eco-Leisure city in Monegros Desert (Spain) ; the Carré 92 business office & hotel Park (Paris).

Professor at BATir ULB university, lecturer at ULG and TUDelft, trainer at Green Building Council, vice-president at SECO, consultant to IFMA. Steven is one of the six worldwide accredited Cradle to Cradle architect/consultant ; he has written numerous articles, and the « Cradle to Cradle-recycler à l’infini – du berceau au berceau » preface (Alternatives editions – Gallimard, Paris).

Since 2010 Steven is Local Solutions Development Group founding member – active NGO in Africa ; and Lateral Thinking Factory founding partner since 2011. He is Hanwang Forum (Beijing) Communities and Africa groups chairman since 2012.


Michael Moradiellos developed his management and innovative entrepreneurship expertise since his architecture diploma in Brussels (2002), as leader of several students associations (CVH, Hortacitylink) and in charge of complex urban events. Michael pursued a PhD in Sustainable urban development at the Madrid Polytechnics University.

Director of the [R]activa04 workshops, founding partner of Urbanacción, collaborator of the architecture office Nodo17 and other innovative structures; Michael expressed his abilities of how “make things happen, faster”.

Michael has been director for the international business development at ecosistema urbano (Madrid), in charge of marketing, office management and communication. In 2010, Michael created outsidethebox which objective is to deliver added value to architects offices, through innovative services and management strategic vision. In 2011, Michael joined Steven Beckers to launch Lateral Thinking Factory activities as co-founder and associate. In 2014 he launched the ICCE (non for profit) and in 2015 LTF Development and Building Integrated Greenhouses.


Mathieu Bonin is founder of Centre Consulting and Com du Sport (acquired in 2011 by Digitick, Vivendi Group). At Havas Sports & Entertainment, Mathieu was sales and marketing manager for the Perpignan professional rugby team ; then pluri-sports consultant (golf, sailing, football, rugby, tennis, etc.)

Mathieu was e-Business manager for Antalis International (#1 in Europe and #4 Worldwide for paper/packaging merchanting). He was responsible for the e-business solutions implementation in fifteen subsidiaries in Europe and South America.

His entrepreneurship DNA, his positions within international groups and the variety of sectors he worked in (sport business, B2B distribution, architecture & urban design) has built his holistic expertise for ventures management, services strategic definition, structured rigorous projects and process implementation.

In 2011, Mathieu joined Steven Beckers and Michael Moradiellos to strengthen Lateral Thinking Factory activity development.

Mathieu holds a corporate finance master from the Leonard de Vinci Business School (Paris, 2000) and the IE Business School International MBA (Madrid, 2011).