Lateral Thinking Factory core objective is to deliver high quality of services towards decision makers, while spreading sustainable innovation, for achieving excellence in building a better human habitat.

We aim at implementing solutions that are financially profitable, ethic, agile and scalable. Our offer helps all stakeholders involved to grasp the global picture, keep a common and shared vision at both high and detail level, in order to make sure the alchemy operates.

At Lateral Thinking Factory each client is unique, and each client expresses complex challenges to solve. A project is never similar from one to another, we know this, and this is what triggers the way we do things: we transform questions into great opportunities that will hit your targets.

We guarantee our clients and partners that our holistic methodology, engaged with a lateral thinking vision, will improve their experience and will dramatically increase their targets achievement rate.

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Architecture & Urban Design
Cradle to Cradle Human Habitat
Greenhouses (B.I.G)
Innovation & Research