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Lateral Thinking Factory acts as an open network hub, capable of swift reactivity to answer clients requirements at any step of the project planning.

Lateral Thinking Factory only selects top-notched experts.

We select experts based on both aptitudes and attitudes. Lateral Thinking Factory does choose people not only because they represent references and they excel in their fields, but also for their creative skills and for their abilities to collaborate in group in order to smoothly integrate and support existing teams.

We engage our experts to improve both their hard and soft skills within a qualitative network, allowing them to flourish in innovative projects, strengthen their skills in collaborative working sessions and train continuously. Lateral Thinking Factory is involved in defining a space for reflection and sharing, where experts and professionals can meet to exchange ideas, thus stimulate discussions about issues related to human habitat.
Lateral Thinking Factory ambition is to promote and spread collective intelligence, dedicated to human habitat issues and network experts-based working models, involving the overall Lateral Thinking Factory ecosystem’s stakeholders – comprised of clients, partners, employees, experts and public authorities.

Lateral Thinking Factory Consulting’s experts share open knowledge for collective intelligence