2013 was fantastic. We look forward to innovate with you in 2014!

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Dear Clients, Partners & Friends

2013 has been a year of growth and innovation for Lateral Thinking Factory (LTF). We are proud and very enthusiastic to present our highlights to YOU!

From LTF’s inception our DNA is CRADLE TO CRADLE (C2C) i.e. circular economy with positive impact. We are active to spread C2C principles applied to human habitat (architecture, urban development, environmental engineering, building materials, etc.) because we daily implement those within our projects and missions.

LTF Strategic Consultancy pursued its growth by supporting public and private stakeholders, amongst which: Lille Metropole & SEM Ville Renouvelée for the program “Lainière de Roubaix’s C2C House of Project and Services”; Redefine strategic criteria for 1300 units residential & living district for the developer BPI and their team; Define and follow the development of the Mama Shelter Hotel in Lille for Nacarat, Serge Trigano and Philippe Stark; Support Limburg region in the after Ford Genk trauma and bringing breakthrough visions for an adapted economical growth according to the Genius Loci; Jointly define the hospital of the future in Gohelle (Lens); Integrate Languedoc Roussillon’s Charles Cros Activity Park in C2C regional commitment; Assist EPEA and the city of Ronneby (Sweden) in their transition towards C2C; Assist public sector to encourage urban farming activities development, through innovative business models design and implementation.

LTF C2C Business/Activity Park package was developed this year as well, following the state-of-the-art dutch Park 20/20’s specifications, the European C2C inspired reference. In order to do so, we teamed up with Zachariasse Consulting/Delta Development Group (Park 20/20 developers) and with EPEA Paris (C2C owner organization); to build an exhaustive offer aiming at supporting decision makers to adopt business/activity parks’ new generation. We have delivered feasibility study for three regions in France (Bretagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Nord-Pas-de-Calais) and will further work with those regions in 2014 to extend our missions scope and strengthen our positions.

LTF Knowledge spreads internationally with embassador and C2C accredited architect Steven Beckers; through conferences, training and seminars about C2C design approach applied to human habitat for: the Green Building Council, TVVL, Agence de l’Aménagement de Liège, Leonard de Vinci Paris, ULB, VUB, KUL, ULG, Greenwin, ARIB, Woodbuild Namur, C2C Cafe Frankfurt, Greenbuild Brussels, Rotterdam School of Management, TUDelft, TUMunich, Tudor Institute Luxemburg, Build Green.

LTF has been mandated by the IBGE – Ministry of Environment for the Brussels-Capital Region – to conduct a global study about rooftop greenhouse urban farming in Brussels. Our aim is to create a subsidiary in 2014, which will be dedicated to rooftop greenhouse urban farming activities, increasing real estate economical values, as well as social and environmental positive impact: LTF B.I.G (Building Integrated Greenhouses).
LTF B.I.G is a breakthrough approach, providing values to both real estate itself and its flow exchange/production of air, water, heat, CO2 etc. through symbiosis between clean air buildings and rooftop greenhouses; developing urban farming businesses; offering programs that are aesthetic and seamlessly integrated within the urban design landscape; suggesting innovative ways for corporate brand or public institution marketing and communication; attracting social communities together around the same project, etc.

Growth challenges are reached by increasing our own internal team and preparing to move offices in spring 2014. Moreover, in order to deliver great added values to our partners and clients, we continuously structure collaborative work with independent acclaimed experts in complementary domains. We are therefore in constant search for new specialists at international level, while multiplying business providers for LTF.
This requirement led us to seek support from Innoviris (R&D Regional funds) to engage into a research program (#lateralscore). The objective is to design an online platform aimed at searching, detecting and selecting best experts (for both their hard and soft skills) to conduct collaborative and successful projects. We partner with Vadis/Bitong – world reference in data/web mining – which bring their skills and solutions, allowing stakeholders to globally address challenges linked to Big Data management that every organization is facing today.

We are looking for the opportunity to meeting you soon; and embark, with you, on the road to long-term breakthrough economical and urban models.

The Lateral Thinking Factory team
Steven Beckers (CEO)
Michael Moradiellos (COO)
Mathieu Bonin (CFO)

Lateral Thinking Factory delivers long-term value for
IBGE (Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l’Environnement), BPI, Bouygues Immobilier, Hanwang Forum China, Ethical Works China, Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine, SEM Ville Renouvellée Tourcoing, City of Ronneby (Sweden), Région Languedoc-Roussillon, Région Bretagne, Région Nord-Pas-De-Calais, EPEA International, EPEA Paris, EPEA Holland, EPEA Belgium, EPEA Copenhagen, Nacarat, Mama Shelter hotel, Molenbeek district (Brussels), Synergy, AREP, Green Building Council, CHU Lens-Gohelle, Projex, Diagobat, Socofit, Choux de Bruxelles, McKinsey, Ville de Rombas, VO Communication, Castorama, Pargesy, Immobam, TVVL, Agence de l’Aménagement de Liège, Leonard de Vinci Paris, ULB, VUB, KUL, ULG, Greenwin, ARIB, Woodbuild Namur, C2C Cafe Frankfurt, Greenbuild Brussels, Rotterdam School of Management, TUDelft, TUMunich, Tudor Institute Luxemburg, Build Green, City of Resita (Romania), 3B Invest, Bia, Wilhelm & Co, Fisa, Flemish Government, Steelcase, Metatecta, IFMA, International Exposition Liège 2017, BBA, Van Houtum, European Union, CSTC, Bahia Fenicia Residencial, Saint Gobain Gyproc.


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